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30.01.06 - Flynn fired up!

UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn and the Gold RV Racing team have rebuilt his six-second dragster's engine and fired it up for the first time on Friday. "It was really neat to be back in the office again and to hear and smell that blown V8", says Derek. "Roll on April, we just can't wait!"

"2005 was a steep learning curve for us, and whilst we eventually got the performance from our car we lacked consistency. We are all really excited about this year. We hope to add consistency to our performance, after all this will be the first year the team have had the same configuration to work with, only just though.

"I don't think it is any secret that I have a very keen interest in Top Methanol and Top Fuel, with good friends in both the Turner Motorsport and Carter Motorsport camps. Both Gold RV and I are pleased to be involved with such winning combinations. It is going to be a really challenging and exciting year for both these great teams, and we would like to wish them all the best for 2006. Although very tempted to take a step up performance again this year, it just never really seemed to come together and deep down I feel that as a driver and a team we still have so much to learn before we can go to the next level of car. Also the level of professionalism and commitment required to run such beasts has been fully demonstrated to us by the likes of the Turners, Andy Carter and Dave Wilson, all of whom have assisted us and have shown us exactly what is required to win. Thanks all, it is very much appreciated.

"It is great to see more sponsors in the National Championships in 2006 - thanks to everyone concerned in achieving this. Our Championships are some of the best in Europe, and represent excellent marketing opportunities for so many types of businesses. Gold RV not only sponsor our own race operations but we are proud to announce that our logos will again be carried by both the Turner Motorsport and Carter Motorsport teams and we have also continued with our track sponsorships as well. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our many drag racing customers and friends (you know who you all are) and would like to wish them all the best for their respective Championships.

"In our own Super Pro ET Championships the level of both performance and consistency achieved by so many teams is quite astonishing, and with bigger and faster fields cars each year we shall have to do very well if we are to finish higher than we have before. That’s our goal, along with hopefully being one of the quickest in our class.

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Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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