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28.09.06 - A five-second Super Pro ET car?

UK Super Pro ET racer and Eurodragster.com News sponsor Derek Flynn has announced that after much deliberation Gold RV Racing have purchased a new car. Derek tells us that he plans to run the car, unsurprisingly a dragster, in Super Pro ET and maybe Top Methanol Dragster.

"The new car is basically a bigger version of what we have, although hopefully a little quicker and faster", says Derek. "As it has a blown Chevy we will for the time being still be Hemi hunting, but watch this space: the three-speed Bruno Lenco should be able to cope with the extra horsepower that we are going to need if we are to achieve low sixes!

"It's no surprise that we will be running in Super Pro ET again next year. We have so many friends in Super Pro ET and, as was particularly proven in Holland, the class puts on a good, fast and professional show. Also the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the teams is excellent. With a great mix of dragsters, doorslammers and altereds, not to mention the several great new cars that have entered this year and a few others I know are coming, things are going to get better and better."

Derek says that he hopes to run at least one event in Top Methanol Dragster with modifications to the new set-up which would allow him to go all-out for a five-second pass. "We shall have to see, but if the new car goes as good as it looks then we will be very pleased", he says. "I have too many people to thank who have helped us get this far, but you all know who you are so Thanks!"

Derek adds that he feels a twinge of sadness that this weekend's UK National Finals could be the Gold RV team's last outing with the current car. I just love this car, and I have so many great memories", he says. "Our first seven, our first six, our first 200 mph pass, the track record at Drachten, #1 qualifier at the European Finals. The new car has a lot to live up to. We have several interested parties but we shall still be there this weekend giving it everything we have and hopefully we will be as fast and as consistent as we were at the European Finals. If we could only slow down the driver by just 0.009, we might go a round or two!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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