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22.04.05 - Flynn has another tinkle

UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn says that he is a tad frustrated but ultimately grateful after making it to the far end of Shakespeare County Raceway last weekend after nearly a year and five attempts. Derek got a round of applause at the Power Nationals when he held onto a wayward dragster after finding all the power hiding in a barrel valve.

"Boy, did we learn a lot about our new car!", says Derek. "It all started on Friday; we arrived early, set up and tried to fire the car up...no go - no fuel going to the engine, then too much fuel, then misfiring, then no more time to start the engine until the morning. We coughed and spluttered our way through qualifying, with a car sounding very sick under load, but at least we got further than last year (and the now-infamous Flynn has a little tinkle, thanks Tog!). Our main problems were that the car arrived with two pills in the main, and when we removed one it caused another problem with the idle check valve, and on top of all that the timing moved on us.

"We finally got it sorted and this is where I must say thanks to so many people (sorry Ed). Thanks to Richard of J & W Automotive, who helped us all weekend and also helped with running Arlo in our Junior as well as running his own son Pete. Thanks also to Andy Robinson for some late-night tips on what we could try in the morning; thanks to all the Super Pro teams who at one stage all seemed to be in our pit trying to suss out what was going on with our fuel system. I believe this sort of camaraderie between competitors is absolutely brilliant (Hear, hear - Ed) and probably does not exist in many other forms of motor sport!

"Also thanks to Steve Turner for his help and advice at the end of the phone: Steve explained the inner workings of an Enderle barrel valve, not an easy job over the phone. Thanks also to Ozzy Ewing and sorry for our little mishap. Thanks to all the Shakespeare County Raceway crew, and the safety crews including all the fireman at the first turn-off who all showed concern as I coughed and banged my way towards them each time; thanks as always to the Go Gold Crew. And finally, thank God I missed that barrier and we got the car going something like it should. Now if only I can keep it straight I am confident there is a lot more to come!

"I will be competing in the ET Challenge at Santa Pod Raceway next weekend and I can reveal that Steve Turner is coming to help us fine-tune our car, that should really help us to lower those ETs providing I can keep it straight! I'm looking for a new PB if the weather and track conditions are good.

"On another note, it was great to see John, Lesley and Darryl and their much-revamped Top Fueller out again. It sounded awesome, shame they did not get to run, but best of luck for the rest of the season."

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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