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20.07.06 - Racers love Drachten, Total Seal

Derek Flynn of Eurodragster.com News sponsor Gold RV says that he had an awesome weekend.

"On behalf of the team and myself I would thank all the eXplosion team for an absolutely great event", says Derek. "We were all made to feel so very welcome and the organisation was excellent too. It was hard to believe this was a temporary track and was an airfield only a day or so before, just incredible. Again well done to Theo Willemse (Club Chairman), Jaap Selles (Race Director and track prep) and all the eXplosion team, we can't wait to do it again.

"For once we were not only fast but consistent too, seven runs all in excess of 330 kmh and within a hundredth of our dial-in every time, well done team! It was decided the first run of the day would be a familiarisation pass for all the Super Pro teams, and straight off the trailer we set a new track record for the quarter, which we then backed up and subsequently bettered every day! Martyn Jones seemed to think this was a Dutch National record for the quarter too. We took best speed of the weekend at 333 kmh which was a personal best and in our final run we equalled our best ET of 6.57. The track was so sticky all weekend that we struggled to pull long burnouts! Looking at the data for the other teams I think we quickest and fastest to the eighth mile too.

"We had one minor excursion off the end of the track and onto the grass with the usual ribbing from some of my fellow competitors, like "Have you emptied the box yet?". What box, I asked. "The one with the grass cuttings". Very funny, but I was not the first one off and I just followed the class organiser who went further due to his chute getting tangled, and I believe Syd went the furthest after his chute failed to deploy. Whilst it was a little hairy getting stopped in time, the grass run-off was fine, but I am really glad they moved the Portaloo or it could have been worse!

"To top it all off rather nicely Peter Walters, who was driving the J&W/Gold RV-sponsored Junior Dragster, was also competing in his first race overseas and clocked several PBs, the best being 7.91/133 kmh which I believe is also a track record for a Junior. He then went on to win the Junior Dragster competition, well done Peter! Those Gold RV logos really flew all weekend.

I would like to thank Dave Powell of Performance Unlimited for his support, and Mark Flavell for helping to organise this Super Pro Tour - the first of many I hope! Also thanks again to Turner Motorsports, J&W Automotive, Andy Robinson, Dave Wilson, Jeff Bull and anyone else I have forgotten who have helped us to build and tune one of the fastest cars in Super Pro ET. Thanks also to our sponsors Gold RV, Buff and Data Print - without your support none of this would be possible.

"Now all the team have got to do is to widen the roll cage for my big head!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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