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20.05.05 - Gold goes for Turners.

RV sales, service and spares supplier Gold RV are pleased to announce that after a very successful outing at the Big Bang with the crew of UK Top Methanol team Turner Motorsport, Gold RV have agreed to help sponsor the Turner Motorsport team for the 2005 season.

"The Turner team certainly know their stuff and when the opportunity arose for us to be involved with one of the best Top Methanol teams we just could not refuse", says Derek Flynn of Gold RV. "We hope that the Gold RV logos are just as lucky for the Turners as they have been for Andy Carter and for that matter Gold RV Racing. We hope that this new-found partnership agreement will pay dividends for both our teams. If your company is looking for some excellent brand awareness with a professional team who are at the top of their game (and who get excellent TV coverage), then look no further than the Turner Motorsport team - not only are they good at what they do, but are really nice people to boot."

Derek says that the Gold RV Super Pro ET team can't wait for next Friday's opening day of the FIA Main Event. "With the Turners and Andy Carter in our corner for qualifying, we are hoping for some personal bests for our own team and then on Saturday we are really looking forward to watching some of the largest ever fields in European Top Methanol and Top Fuel", he says. "Good luck to Andy and team and Rob and team. The Gold RV stable now includes over 11540 horses what with Andy's 6000 plus, Rob's 3000 plus, our 1500 plus and the forty in Arlo Reddick's Junior Dragster. When you're backing this many horses surely some of them should win a few races!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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