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09.11.04 - I liked it so much...

UK super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn has returned from a very successful and enjoyable trip to Palm Beach in Florida where he purchased a replacement race car for the 2005 season. The dragster has been purchased from US racer Ed Abruscato and Derek saw the car in action before taking delivery.

"After a great first year in drag racing - on this note I would like to thank all the other Super Pro ET teams for making us feel so welcome - we have all very much been bitten and smitten with the drag racing bug, and we want to go faster", says Derek. "The car we have purchased is a 245Ē wheelbase, 2003 Tube Carz Chassis with a blown 509 BBC motor (there you go team, you said you wanted a blower), dynoíd in excess of 1,500 hp, a Powerglide, and fully-floating rear end.

"I must thank Ed Abruscato and his family (and friends) who sold us the car. I was a little apprehensive before the trip, but I could not have met a nicer family. They were terrific hosts, picking me up from the airport, putting me up for the weekend, taking the whole race team set-up to Moroso Park, and demonstrating the car on what proved to be a very slick RWYB track.

"We went to the track on Friday evening and when the guys got the car out the trailer and the setting sun hit it - wow! Then the warm-up, more wow (canít really say what I said and thought as it would be censored)! Suffice to say the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck just stood up. Ed took the car to the line and performed the burnout, more expletives and the hairs up again, the launch was a wheels-up all-out assault on the track, but the track could not take it and Ed had to lift to avoid crossing the centre line put down a disappointing 8.9 at 98 mph.

"Ed was very concerned that I had not seen the car at its best and agreed to give it another go, this time in the other lane. He had another dragster go up first and try to lay down as much rubber as possible. Ed did a burnout to die for, backed it up and before staging made it bark another two or three times (hairs again) before going into pre stage, full stage, up on the converter and pow he was off. 1.072 sixty foot, 4.5/153 at the eighth and 7.06/194...sold! After we advised Ed of the time we shook hands and agreed the sale, packed up the car and trailer and took it home. After a weekend spent on Ed's launch fishing and diving, we took the car to the docks at Jacksonville, a ten-hour round trip which Ed kindly agreed to make for the cost of his gas. We now have the nervous wait for the ship to arrive with our precious cargo, due in at the end of this month.

"I think the car looks and sounds awesome and we canít wait to get it on the track, although we do appreciate this is a totally different animal and it is going to be another steep learning curve for yours truly and my team, and I do hope we have not bitten off more than we can chew. So who knows with a little luck and some help from our friends, we are looking forward to some low sevens ourselves next season. We would absolutely love a six and that magic 200 mph before the year was out, providing we get our heads around the new set-up and I am brave/good enough to drive it, we shall see.

"I would like to thank Geoff Martin, Terry Gibbs, Bob Glassup, J & W Automotive and Charlie Collata for their good advice and assistance with our new acquisition, and thanks to Andy Robinson, J & W Automotive, and Geoff and the Tech Team for their offers of assistance once the car arrives.

"The carís first official appearance will be at the Xtreme wheels show, see you there!

"Should anyone be interested in our yellow dragster and its new trailer, check out our web site at www.goldrvracing.co.uk."

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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