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09.10.05 - OK so we didn't get 200, but...

UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn says that his new Gold RV Racing blown-alcohol dragster has been "Just awesome" in 2005.

"At the majority of events we have had the highest speed and the low ET in our class, and in one case the event as a whole", says Derek. "Alas this counts for nothing in our Championship, and we have struggled to be consistent. Still, as we said at the beginning of the year, we knew that we had another steep learning curve and pushing this hard all year was bound to induce some breakages, along with the odd mistake or two by yours truly and the team. However running in the sixes was just incredible and definitely made up for any disappointments we may have had.

"We were a little disappointed not to get 200 mph, 196 was the best we managed. We were all set to do it at the UK National Finals last week but in our first run I think I must have knocked the fuel shut-off valve to the halfway position whilst selecting reverse, or it moved during the run when we hit a bit of shake - either way this caused the engine to run very lean at the top end and although I reacted to the car nosing over it was too late and we damaged a few valves and both head gaskets. A great effort from the Go Gold Crew got me out again the next day but we had no idea what the car would run as we were very much nursing a sick engine (hence the short burnout), not that I am taking anything away from Nick Spence who beat us fair and square by 0.1, well done mate. But I hated having to put a seven on the car instead of a six!

"I think we should still finish a respectable seventh in all the Championships, and we were in with an outside chance of winning the Ultimate Power Championship until the halfshaft broke. We also won our second runner-up trophy, so all in all not a bad year for the team.

"We have decided to stick with what we have for next year, and now that we have ironed out some of the bugs with our car and have our between-round maintenance sorted we are looking forward to the new season. Hopefully we can add consistency to our performance, and who knows maybe even win an event.

"Sorry to bore everyone with a load of thanks (Common courtesy is never boring - Ed) but it's the end of the year and I feel it needs to be said:

"Thanks to all our fellow competitors in Super Pro ET, the majority of who have helped us out with parts, advice and all-round camaraderie. Special thanks to all the Turner Motorsport team who have also helped us out for most of the season, congratulations to them on winning the MSA British Drag Racing Championship for an incredible eighth time. Thanks to Andy and Kate Robinson for all their assistance, to Jeff Bull, a huge thanks to all the track crews, officials and backroom staff who help to make this most excellent sport happen, and thanks to Club Secretaries Paula and Wendy for all the help and assistance they have given us.

"Thanks also to our sponsors Gold RV and Buff without whom we could not go racing. A huge Thank You must go to the Go Gold Crew including honorary crew members Lee and Richard of J&W Automotive all of whom have worked tirelessly all year trying to keep us in the races.

"Finally thank you to track commentators John Price and Graham Beckwith, as well as Tog, Sharkman and Simon of Eurodragster. Without all you guys neither our sponsors nor our sport would get as much professional coverage as it does (Thanks - Ed)."

Original article taken from Eurodragster.co.uk.


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