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29.08.04 - Gold RV at All Star Nationals

What an SCR debut for Gold RV Racing, all of about 3 seconds, and I did not make it down the track once, so I guess we will have to wait till next year for our full SCR debut.

Well I finally stumped my excellent Go Gold Crew and Steve (the stores) and for once lady luck deserted us, or did she!

Warm up went well, and apparently the burn out looked good, but as I came to a stop I heard this 'tinkle tinkle' and felt it was not right and shut her off, for another embarrassing push back, sorry to John Everit who had to wait patiently for my rescue. Once back at the pits I explained the tinkle tinkle and when they took the heads off found that the valve keeper had failed and dropped the valve, but amazingly it just jammed it in the seat sideways, took out the piston but the bore and the rest of the engine looks good, so perhaps lady luck was still keeping an eye out for us after all. We still seemed to keep the crowd happy who wondered around the pits as they were all very impressed with my 1st engine blow up, bits put proudly out on display.

Of course I got the various amounts of ribbing from my team, once they had the heads off, 'if this is a tinkle tinkle, what is the engine going to look like after he hears a knocking' !

Sorry to our supporters who came along at the weekend and did not see us run !

To be honest we are still very upbeat and enjoyed our weekend, and glad that we went to SCR, or this would have happened at the Euro Finals (err guess it still could) !

Thanks to Richard and Lee of J & W (Bob Glassups, Xtreme Wheels Crew) who have taken our heads for a quick repair job. All we need now is an Oliver Rod and we should still make it for the finals but the clock is definitely ticking, also thanks for all the commiserations from our fellow Super Pro teams and the many well wishers that visited us in the pits.


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