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09.06.05 - Six and out for Gold RV

Six and out for Gold RV
UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn achieved one of his season aims at the FIA Main Event when his blown-alcohol dragster went into the sixes (right). Derek got in touch to tell us all about it.

"In the words of Dennis Priddle - it was terribly quick, but I just could not wait to do it again!", says Derek. "The weekend was just fantastic. We warmed up with a couple of low sevens, but at least the car was going straight now, thanks to a set of new Mickey Thompsons. Then with a bit more of a tune and finally running on all eight and a set of perfect EGT's we got our first Six in a great qualifying race with Pat Talbot, who was only just behind with a very low seven herself, despite the massive head wind. Our next run was a 7.0 and we were strangely a little disappointed but went into eliminations confident of running another six.

"We dialled-in a 6.96 and we were up against my mate Steve (The Stores) Johnson who was number one qualifier. I knew I was going to have to be sharp away from the line and due to the fact that Steve was not running his nitrous we would have to give him a head start, but alas I was a bit too sharp away from the line and pulled a 0.036 cherry. D'oh! At least this meant I could just go flat out and not worry about lifting, and duly clocked another six passing Steve before the finish line, but out. This at least gave me an opportunity to watch the rest of the weekend's great racing. Also a little consolation was that we were knocked out by the eventual winner: congratulations Steve, Pat and Ian, look forward to our next race. One-nil to you at the moment, not that I am counting!

"Still it was nice to be the fastest and quickest in Super Pro, and thanks to all the people who passed on there congratulations for the Six - it was very much appreciated and we were all very proud of our achievement. As it turned out it was just as well I pulled a cherry, as on the leakdown test my crew noticed the engine was a little tight and on further inspection we found we had spun a main bearing, double D'oh! Had we won we were out anyway and that would have been horrible to knock out a mate and then not being able to compete.

"I would like to dedicate my first Six to my superb Go Gold Crew; I could not have achieved this ambition without all your tireless effort not only at the track but after hours at work too! Thanks! Also I do have to say a few other thanks: to the Turners thanks for their assistance with tuning, and congratulations on making it to the final, thanks also to Lee and Richard of J & W Automotive, Terry and Tina Gibbs, Bob and Cathy Glassup, and Andy and Kate Robinson, for all their continued help and support. Thanks also to everyone I have missed. The next goal is the magic 200 mph, once we have rebuilt the engine!

"Finally we would like to pass on our belated congratulations to Pete Walters on his excellent weekend in Junior Dragster, number one qualifier with a perfect 0.000 and then to go all the way and win it, it just goes to show the J & W Gold RV Junior dragster is an excellent race car and now proven winner, and are available from J & W or Gold RV Racing.

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.
Original image from Topendtales.com.


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