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06.07.05 - Mixing it with the the Pro Mods

UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn tells us that he enjoyed mixing it with some of Europe's biggest Pro Mod hitters at the SPRC Summernationals. Gordon Appleton, Andy Robinson and Ian Bishop moved into Super Pro ET for the race and Derek found himself taking on Gordon not once but twice.

"Our first few runs were a little down on power", says Derek. "We also cracked the timing case cover, which meant a really late night for the crew who had to strip it out and get it welded and finally rebuilt around midnight. Thanks guys. I would also like to thank Steve Turner for his welding skills, the Fireforce team for the loan of the tig welder etc, and also Steve Johnson for the loan of some tools again. After our last qualifier on Sunday morning we noticed the new MSD distributor cap had come loose. We re-aligned it, tightened it up and then had the dilemma of what to dial in - would we get back into the sixes from the 7.3 and 7.15s we had previously run? We didn't think so as the blower was also down a little on boost.

"We were then told "You have Gordon Appleton in the first round". We had already raced Gordon in qualifying and whilst we beat him down the track because he got a little out of shape and I pulled a bit of a cherry, he had had an absolutely storming qualifier with Andy Robinson. I did not get to see it personally, as I had just run ahead of them, but I did hear those engines and blowers absolutely screaming through the top end and my team had a great view as they were driving up to come and get me.

"It was great pairing up with Gordon and his team - what an awesome car - in the first round and like most of last year, I was going to be chased rather than being the chaser. I cut a great light and was off like a rocket, PB to the eighth, got too three-quarter track and still could not see Gordon and I even lifted before the line, but alas broke out with a six. This is where I have to eat some humble pie, with Andy Robinson outqualifying me and Gordon knocking me out in the first round, I guess they can dial in those Pro Mods just as good as they look and go! Gordon at first congratulated me on the win but once my crew arrived I had to go back and congratulate him. He was the perfect gent and apologised if he had messed up our Championship by dropping in to Super Pro ET. Personally I think it is great and look forward to racing the Pro Mods again, it's shame that Gordon could not get it turned round in time to compete in the second round.

"Also of the Gold RV Racing team would like to congratulate Gordon and Andy on their excellent runs and wish them all the best for the rest of their seasons. Still at least we can say we beat a Pro Mod to the stripe twice and it was great to be involved in a Super Pro side by side six, I hope that there are many more!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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