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06.05.05 - Flynn's amusing affair

UK Super Pro ET racer Derek Flynn has been in touch to thank the Turner Racing team, who helped him out with his Gold RV dragster at the Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway.

"The Turners were absolutely top class", says Derek. "They taught us loads about our new car, the effects of the weather on our tune up etc. and are really nice people to boot. They also came to the rescue after we destroyed our rear tyres on our second pass with excessive amounts of tyre shake which broke one of the rear end stays. Stil, that at least meant that we had definitely got our power back after the disappointing outing at Shakespeare County Raceway, and Sharkman said he had not seen too many sevens with a rail sideways for half of it, first one way then the other!

"The Turners lent us a set of brand new tyres which they had bought for the Main Event and that fixed our wandering problem! I also have to thank John Spuffard for balancing our new tyres and thanks to Richard of J&W Automotive for all his help too. All this help really paid off with some excellent runs and new Personal Bests for ET and speed."

Derek says that the ET Challenge was an amusing affair for the Gold RV team. "We put in a good practice run in the morning after fitting the new tyres, but broke the transmission breather pipe", he says ."The Turners to the rescue again, back to their workshop and a new pipe made, but no more time left to get another run in before lunch. We were one of the first down to the pairing lanes and got paired against a young lady in a sixteen-second Golf on street tyres. "This is going to be interesting" I thought, we decided that we had better have a chat and let her know what to expect. I think we scared her off, sorry about that, anyway the twelve-second mid-engined Golf behind agreed to run with us (thanks for that). We performed our usual burnout and just before staging we got shut down and pushed back, due to rain. The last time this happened to us was at Easter and was followed by our first-ever seven-second run, a good omen I thought.

"Once the rain subsided, the excellent Santa Pod crew got it dried and ready to run in what seemed no time considering the downpours. We were called in again, we had put 7.35 seconds on the car which was quite a bit below our previous best of 7.48. Burnout done, into stage, off he went and I was counting down the five-second wait and then up on the transbrake and I was off after him. Everything just hooked up perfectly, a small steering job as we hit second and I knew we were on one, I passed him well before the line and in normal circumstances I would have lifted but I knew it was going to be a PB. I thought "What the hell it’s only a tenner, I will buy back in and keep the PB".

"A slight faux-pas on the buyback and it was demo runs for us. These were most enjoyable and seemed to keep the crowd amused - and saved us scaring any other unsuspecting racers, thanks Ian!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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