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04.08.07 - Flynn's weekend in short

UK Top Methanol Dragster racer and Eurodragster.com News sponsor Derek Flynn of Gold RV has been in touch with what he describes as the short version of his first TMD race outside the UK, last week's Veidec Festival at Mantorp Park.

"It was an eventful Veidec Festival", says Derek. "Personal best straight off the trailer and then disqualified, then a new Personal Best and on the bump spot, oil down on the towdown for the third and final qualifier with a very nervous wait to see if we made the field, which I am pleased to say we did. Then it was a first-round match up with the god knows how many times European Champion and one of my mentors Dave Wilson where we only just got beaten by 0.09 of a second, but we also now know why they call him Grumpy. So it was on the trailer for us.

"On our return to the UK we had to endure Force Nine gale winds on the ship and then when we eventually arrived back we were not allowed back in the country and were trapped at customs until the next day when immigration are back, then to top it all off during the night I was rushed to off to hospital by paramedics whilst still stranded in no man's land. I am just fine now and I promise a full version soon for those that are interested!

"A huge thanks to my team and all the Veidec Festival staff, track crew and all those involved in making this event such a success. We shall be back for sure, it was great. Thanks also to the doctors and staff at the Princess Diana Hospital in Grimsby."

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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