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04.05.06 - Flying Flynn

UK Super Pro ET racer and Eurodragster.com News sponsor Derek Flynn says that people must think he is mad to be disappointed with his 6.702 in the Gold RV Racing dragster at the Shakespeare Nationals at the weekend. Derek explained to Eurodragster.com that it wasn't just a six he was after.

"Those Gold RV logos really flew at Shakey!", said Derek. "I did groaned and hold my head when I read the ticket, 6.702 but oh so close to that 200 mph! Just 0.23 mph off at 199.77, just beating our previous run of 199.14, but the silly grins soon came back once it sunk in what we had achieved - well over two tenths off our previous best of last year, and I believe the quickest the car has ever been.

"Unfortunately it was not all good news at the weekend as the new torque converter was giving our gearbox a bit of a pounding especially on the launches. Even though I lifted and tried to save the car from another hard pass after Mark Flavell unfortunately redlit, when we fired up and started to pull round to race Barry Giles there was a horrible-sounding grumble and graunching (rather than one of my tinkles) and I had to shut off as the gearbox had seized. Congratulations to Barry who went on to win the event. I would also like to congratulate Pete Walters on the win in Junior Dragster with his new Gold RV-sponsored engine.

"I would like to thank all the Gold RV Team for all the hard work they have and are putting in and I have to say I am so proud of them and apart from the jet car I think we were the fastest and quickest at the event, we have had so much to learn in a relatively short time, and we are all still really keen to learn more. I would like to thank everyone who came along and congratulated us at the weekend and a huge thanks to Clive Bush for the blower and thanks also to most of our Super Pro competitors who have all offered us help, advice, support and parts to date. Special thanks also to Andy Robinson, the Turners, J&W automotive, Jeff Bull, our co sponsors Buff, Dataprint and especially my Gold RV partner Gary Jenkins, for all their help and support to date.

"Roll on the Main Event - surely we shall get that 200 there!"

Original article taken from Eurodragster.com.


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